Suzanne Steer
Creative Director, House Medic Interiors

My daughter attended Moon's 11plus and private school Entrance exam training sessions in 2015 Result, she was offered a very high percentage scholarship to a grest private school. Since she began 2 years ago, she has become one of the top 6 students. she has transformed as a person, widening her horizons and experiences.
If she hadn't attended Moon's training, she would be at a local secondary school, probably doing well but not unnecessarily excelling and reaching her full potential. Moon is priceless. Thank you for changing her life. 

L Williams
Grow Revenue
Without the help of Moon, and Moon tuition my daughter would not have passed the 11 plus and my son is about to sit his. Her work ethic and understanding of the system is superb. I highly recommend her tuition centres. Her summer programmes are crucial to success.

Rodolph Ronald Warot 
HR Qualified - Assoc CIPD Hospitality Talent Acquitision
Moon has created a private tuitions operation that can indeed successfully challenge most of all other competitor, the service offered is undoubtedly a must have in order to achieve positive result for an 11+ 13+ entrance exams or higher levels of education.
Our daughter has now been offered a place in a nearby Grammar School and we would like to thank and recommend Moon to others parents. 

Paul Newson
Head of Engagement Security and Risk at Deloitte UK

“Moon provided an amazing Tuition service for our son Henry that prepared him well for success in gaining a place at an extremely competitive school. Her small group tuition sessions provided a great environment for Henry to learn and he greatly enjoyed learning alongside the other children in the tutor group. The small group dynamic made it both a great learning environment and one that was really enjoyable to be a part of with Henry actively looking forward to the sessions. Moon's feedback on areas to concentrate on at home were excellent and she provided detailed guidance on books and practice exams - invaluable for us having not gone through this process before. 

I would wholeheartedly recommend Moon to any parent to prepare children for success in entrance exams!”

Simon Peacock MBA
Founder, Thinkers &Thinking Leaders.

"Moon is an incredibly talented and unique teacher. She has prepared both our daughters in their aim to pass entrance exams at leading schools and has delivered A's whenever we have asked her to help on a specific academic subject. She has a wonderful positive teaching style which engages the children and builds their confidence. I would not hesitate to recommend her wholeheartedly. Thank you Moon for all you dedication."

Rob Alberici
Technical Manager at eni engineering e&p ltd

"I can't recommend Moon highly enough; with her help our eldest son passed the Reading School entrance exam and she is currently helping our daughter prepare for Kendrick. Her results speak for themselves - she has an outstanding success rate. We have used other tutors in the Reading area but I believe that using Moon Tuition really gives your child an edge."

Carron Freeney
Senior Project Manager at Fluor Limited

"I used Moon to help my son pass the entrance exam for Reading School and Royal Grammar School Guildford. She is extremely professional and delivers exceptional results for boys and girls. The mock exams she runs are particularly useful. I shall be using her again for my daughter later this year!"

Huw Rees
Physical Layer Wireless Modem Test Manager at NVIDIA Development UK Ltd

"I have known Moon (Yue) since 2001. We both worked at Motorola. She is a very competent telecommunications engineer, very hard working and committed to accomplishing her goals and timescales. 

Moon did a successful assignment in 2002 in Beijing to lecture and enhance our GSM/UMTS team. She has both practical, teaching and coaching skills. She is very experienced in Engineering, Testing and Management. 

I know in recent years she has established a very successful tuition business and this reinforces her work ethics."

We found moon tuition to be an excellent way for our kids to become familiar with and practised in the speeded nature of the test.

Brilliant coach .

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