Masterclass / Performance Work Shop for all instruments

Moon Music Festival aims to provides young students with a unique opportunity to gain valuable performing experience in a relaxed environment and a chance to improve upon their skills. Students are invited to perform before a supportive audience, to work with a Royal Academic of Music professional performing artist in a creative way so that they can come away with constructive feedback and have a chance to improve on their performance. In this way they will gain valuable experience and a chance to have fun working on their musical creativity. There is also an opportunity to focus on technique as well as developing communication skills and expression.

Music is about communication. Every performance is a rehearsal for the next. Having another pair of ears to listen to us and to work actively in the friendly atmosphere of a masterclass or workshop can prove to be a rewarding exercise. Not only does one learn about one’s own performance but one can learn by listening to others. The world is a wide and universal theatre and music is a part of learning to exist on that stage!

Have Fun and Improvise

Do you yearn to improvise and lack the courage? Join in an improvisation class and improve your creative skills. Explore some ideas and develop some compositional skills and unleash your inner creativity. A fun class working with exploring your instrument and musical ideas.

2018 Moon Tuition Music Masterclass

Dates & Time


Drop off & Pick Up Point:

St John's Wood Church


£50 + VAT (for external students)

Free  for Moon Tuition students

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2018 Moon Tuition Music Masterclass