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Preferred Class Time

Weekly Hours

Assessment Fee:  

£40 + 20% VAT (Maths, English, VR & NVR)

Registration Fee(For new Students only):  £100 + 20% VAT (free books & online homework included) 

(free Mandarin lessons or 10% discount with annual tuition fee payment by 06/07/2018)

Group booking discount available:

10% discount for a group of 3

20% discount for a group of 5

30% discount for a group of 8


Termly Tuition Fee (2 hours weekly group sessions price, double cost for 4 hours weekly group sessions) 

NO tuition on any bank holiday.

NO tuition during the holidays except holiday intensive courses. 

books&workbooks included in the price

Homework Club (All Year Groups): £300 + 20% VAT per term (Maths, English)

Reception & year 1: £500 + 20%VAT per term (Maths, English, , VR &NVR

year 2: £550 + 20%VAT per term (Maths, English, VR &NVR)

year 3: £600 + 20%VAT per term (Maths, English, VR &NVR)

year 4: £650 + 20%VAT per term (Maths, English, VR &NVR)

year 5 & year 6: £700 +20% VAT per term (Maths, English, VR &NVR)

year 7 and above : £750 +20% VAT per term (Maths, English, Science)


Term Dates:

Autumn Term (07/09/2019 - 18/10/2019 & 28/10/2019 -13/12/2019 inclusive) ( School Open)

Autumn Half Term (19/10/2019 - 27/10/2019 inclusive) (School Closed)

Spring Term  (06/01/2020 - 14/02/2020 & 24/02/2020 - 27/03/2020 inclusive) (School Open)

Spring Half Term (15/02/2020 - 23/02/2020 inclusive) (School Closed)

Summer Term  (20/04/2020 - 22/05/2020 & 01/06/2020 - 03/07/2020 inclusive) (School Open)

Summer Half Term (23/05/2020 - 31/05/2020 inclusive) (School Closed)



Place can ONLY be reserved after the termly fee is paid in advance.

Online homework login will be sent after we receive the termly fee payment in advance.

Group discount can only be offered if the names of students are listed in the booking form and all students make the termly payment in advance.

Late Payment Policy:

Late payment charge of £50 per term applies.

Missed Lesson Policy:

If your child missed a lesson, the teacher will provide the homework materials. The teacher will be available to discuss the missed lesson with you in the next lesson. NO payments for the missed lessons will be refunded as the business expenses are not refundable either. 

Course Cancellation & Refundable Policy:

One term cancellation notice is required in writing.

Assessment and Tuition fee already paid is NOT refundable.


Contact Details:


Mobile07584129188 (txt ONLY to request call back)

Address: North Oxford Association Community Centre, Diamond Place, Summertown, Oxford, OX2 7DP

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